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    MONSOON HAIR CARE – 7 ways to prevent hair fall in monsoon season

    In Rainy season hair starts to fall rapidly due to excess of moisture , humidity and the dirt particles present in the rain water. This high- on humidity weather is the main reason for hair fall . Monsoon humidity leaves hair worn out, lifeless and brittle; as a result, you lose clumps of hair during this season. so there’s a query arises how to stop hair fall in monsoon. We’ve got these 7 ways to prevent hair fall in monsoon There are several ways by which you can stop your hair from being lifeless and prevent hair loss and make your hair super strong and healthy LIKE A PRO! HOW…

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    Home remedies for suntan removal naturally.

    what is suntan? Suntan is basically a cover that coats our skin when we go out in the sun without any barrier between the harmful UV rays of the sun and our sensitive skin. Certainly, Our skin gets a few shades darkened or tanned then our actual skin color. In conclusion ,There are several ways to remove suntan from our body and face at home. Here are some sublime home remedies to remove suntan naturally which will definitely show you results are listed below! How to remove suntan and some protective measures! Summers are good. From our pretty floral dresses to evening walks and chilled drinks and everything about the…