Home remedies for suntan removal naturally.

what is suntan?

Suntan is basically a cover that coats our skin when we go out in the sun without any barrier between the harmful UV rays of the sun and our sensitive skin. Certainly, Our skin gets a few shades darkened or tanned then our actual skin color. In conclusion ,There are several ways to remove suntan from our body and face at home. Here are some sublime home remedies to remove suntan naturally which will definitely show you results are listed below!

How to remove suntan and some protective measures!

Summers are good. From our pretty floral dresses to evening walks and chilled drinks and everything about the season is amazing – except the sun tan that sticks to your skin and never goes back! So how to remove tan from face, so that you no longer have to worry about stepping out in the sun. However, For this there are some effective measures you need to take for the betterment of your skin in summers and to avoid tanning . Habitually , always apply sunscreen before going out in the sun, don’t forget to carry some accessories to protect your skin from harmful UV rays like umbrella , scarf also carry a water bottle to keep you and your skin hydrated. Now some economical home remedies to remove suntan naturally together with Some tips for how to remove suntan are listed below!

Home remedies to remove suntan.

1. yogurt and tomato

Tomato has the anti-oxidants that helps in brightening and lightening the skin. On the other hand yogurt has lactic acid that softens the skin ans also lightens the skin color a bit making skin more clear.

  • Take a raw tomato remove the skin.
  • blend it with 2-3 spoons of yogurt.
  • Apply this paste and keep it for 20 min, when dries wash it off.
home remedies for suntan
tomato face

2. lemon juice and honey

 This is one of the most  predominantly asked question of women how to remove tan . lemon is savior ,lemon has amazingly bleaching affects that helps in instantly removing suntan and lightens the shade. Moreover, Honey on the other hand helps in tightening the skin making it softer.

  • Take some fresh lemon juice and mix it with some honey
  • Apply this to your skin and let it stay for 30 mins and wash it off
  • You can also add some sugar to the lemon juice and scrub your skin gently to slough off dead cells from the surface

3. Cucumber and lemon together

 This can be one of the most beneficial home remedy to remove tan Cucumber is surprisingly beneficial for the tanned and burnt skin, it gives the cooling effect and sooth the skin. lemon is always used for skin brightening and lightening. As a result, leaves you with stunning glowing skin

  • Take a cucumber and grate it , take the juice out
  • apply this juice all over your face using a cotton ball and let it dry.
  • After 15 mins wash it off ,you can also add lemon to this for added benefits.

4. Tomato and raw milk does wonders!

As tomato has the anti-oxidants that works as an bleaching agent on your skin , raw milk cleanses the skin getting all the dirt out. As a result , it’ll help you to remove suntan naturally and quickly.

  • Take 2 table spoon of tomato juice
  • 1 tablespoon of raw milk
  • mix them well and apply on your skin
  • repeat the process daily for a week.

5. Bengal gram flour and turmeric

  • Take 2 tablespoon of bengal gram flour and 1 tablespoon of turmeric , mix them with some rosewater and some amount of milk
  • mix all of them well and apply all of it over your face
  • let it sit for 15-20 mins and when it’s perfectly dry , wash it off with cold water.
  •  Don’t forget to moisturize your skin.

6. Oat milk and buttermilk

Oatmeal have been always used as a scrub and it cleanses the skin giving it a radiant effect. oatmeal makes the skin glow and buttermilk is used for the moisturization effect.

  • In 3 tablespoons of buttermilk add 2 tablespoons of oatmeal.
  • Using circular movements, massage it onto the tanned areas. Easy!

7.Masoor , Tomato and Aloevera.

  • Soak 2 tablespoon of Masoor dal , And make it to a paste
  • Add equal quantities of tomato paste and aloevera gel.
  • Apply it to the tanned areas and let it sit 20-25 mins , rinse it off with the cold water. Moisturize.

8. Sandalwood paste and  rose water 

Sandalwood does wonders to the skin!

  • This one’s simple, mix sandlewood powder and rose water well, apply sandalwood paste every night before you sleep
  • Ideally, wash it off when you wake up. you’ll feel the difference in the morning the very first time.

9. Potato and lemon juice to remove tan Instantly

Potato and lemon both have skin bleaching and exfoliating properties and excellent ingredients for removing tan and lightening the skin shade. potatoes also helps in lightening the dark circles around eyes . This is one of the simplest and most effective home remedies to remove tan

  • Grate a potato and extract its juice
  • mix the potato juice and lemon juice in equal quantities
  • Apply it all over the tanned areas and on dark circles
  • let it sit for about 30 mins , wash of with cold water!

10. Turmeric and milk

Turmeric contains anti-aging properties and it gives radiant glow to our skin . milk has lactic acid which lightens the skin shade.

  • mix 2 tablespoon of turmeric powder with milk
  • give your face a good application of the paste
  • let it dry and rinse off with cold water.

I hope you found these simple home remedies to remove suntan naturally helpful.

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VOILA!! By following these ways you can get clean, healthy, radiant and tan free skin without going to expensive parlours and treating your skin with harmful chemicals.


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